You Keep'em Pouring, We Keep'em Clean

Draft Master’s Detailed Preventative Maintenance services

Our goal is to keep your beer lines running at maximum efficiency while offering the best in preventative beer line maintenance in the Pittsburgh and tristate area. We offer a variety of preventative maintenance services.

Power Pack Repair & Maintenance Services

Service of your Power Pack will include routine inspection and cleaning of the motor, condensing unit and any other applicable parts. Our certified technicians will verify the temperature of the glycol coolant and also verify that it is at an appropriate level, and we offer glycol changes as required. As the most experienced draft line and power pack maintenance service, Draft Master guarantees excellent functionality and ease of use for every piece of equipment we service.

Draft Beer Tower Services

Routine services of the draft beer tower includes verification of temperature and rate of flow out of each faucet. Draft Master’s professional technicians will check the tower to determine if it has adequate stability, and inspection of the drain lines is also included. Our experts know the most about what your draft towers need to function properly and smoothly, and we provide it to your satisfaction every time!

Walk-In Cooler Services

Draft Master offers detailed services for Walk-In Coolers as well as for draft lines. Routine service of the Walk-In Cooler includes verification of primary and secondary pressure settings, and confirmation that the temperature of the cooler and beer kegs is set to standard. During the regular check of the Walk-In Cooler, our certified technician will ensure that all fittings and fasteners are intact. They will also check for any indication of wear and tear in your beer and air lines.

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